Kitchen tile ideas to add style

When planning out a new kitchen design, there are many intricacies to consider. From choosing the optimal layout to deciding on the perfect kitchen tiles, you’ll want to combine both style and function for a space that works for you. The best kitchen tile ideas will offer the wow factor you desire, taking your cooking space from drab to professionally designed, while also protecting walls.

With many different shapes, sizes, colours and patterns to pick from, it can be a difficult choice. Regardless of the kitchen ideas you’ve opted for, tiles have the potential to complete a minimal scheme or a pattern-packed look. The material is also just as important, with vinyl, ceramic, porcelain or even marble to choose from, depending on how hardwearing you need your kitchen to be.

So to help your complete a cooking scheme so that it’s easy to clean while also being effortlessly designed, these kitchen tile ideas will leave you feeling inspired.

1. Go with green

Green kitchens have firmly planted themselves in our interiors, offering a trend-led look that doesn’t feel like too much of a statement. If an entire leafy green scheme isn’t your thing, then go for dark green tiles to incorporate a slice of the aesthetic.

The deep shade will still reflect light, especially when paired with metallic accents from cabinet hardware. You can also style it up with wood-effect surfaces for a functional kitchen that embodies the down-to-earth design.

‘Darker shades are good for creating a dramatic interior ambiance so for a different feel in your kitchen try pairing darker matt shades with brighter metallics,’ says Louisa Swannell Head of Creative design at Walls & Floors. ‘The lavish contrast between the deep matt hues and high shine accents will create an instant impact.’

2. Stick to stacking

Metro tiles are an affordable tile option that are easy to match to many different kitchen schemes, so if you’re looking for a quick update they can be an obvious choice. But if you’re wanting more of a unique design, you should consider a different layout than the typical horizontal positioning.

‘My favourite trick to make kitchen tiles look more expensive is playing around with the layout, it’s a tip I learnt from US-based Interior Designer Shea McGee,’ says our Deputy Editor, Rebecca Knight.

‘If you are only able to afford a basic metro tile instead of a brick layout, try stacking them horizontally, or even vertically for a more considered look.’

3. Tile up the wall

Doubling up on tiles is a great way to create a visually interesting scheme that is practical too. Consider using one type of tile for a splashback idea, and then a different one to continue up the rest of the wall.

If you’re a messy cook, or want to avoid damp walls then a fully tiled wall will be a convenient way of making your kitchen work for you. You won’t need to worry about grease splatters making their way up your wall or about damaging paint-work if you have open shelving or hang pans above your stovetop.

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