How Much Tile Adhesive Do I Need?

Asking ‘how much tile adhesive do I need?’ is crucial to the success of a tiling project. Buy too little and you’ll need to rush and buy more adhesive, adding unwanted stress and time to the job. Buy too much and you’ll have spent more money than needed and you could be left with a […]

Shower Panels vs Tiles: Which is good?

It is a conundrum commonly considered by those with bathroom design on their minds — shower panels vs tiles. Both are methods of waterproofing the area around a shower and both have their pros and cons. This guide looks at the advantages and disadvantages of both shower panels and bathroom tiles in order to help you make an […]

Kitchen tile ideas to add style

When planning out a new kitchen design, there are many intricacies to consider. From choosing the optimal layout to deciding on the perfect kitchen tiles, you’ll want to combine both style and function for a space that works for you. The best kitchen tile ideas will offer the wow factor you desire, taking your cooking […]